The current trend of global warming issue is one of the focuses for almost every country in the world. Only few companies consider and concerned about the effect of their businesses to the environment. That is how Graviol is established.


Graviol is a company not only concern about getting more profit, but also is very care with environment and its employees. Our vissions are to create sustained company and build reputations for the public as the best eco-green company, to promote and develop the environmental-friendly industry and the Indonesian lower-middle income people, to increase awareness for saving the environment as well as to add the Indonesian foreign exchange reserves.


1. To develop and promote the eco-friendly company.

2. To promote environmental-friendly company.

3. To become a Youth-Initiator Company which has positive impacts to the Environment.

4. To change waste to become more valuable goods.

5. To increase the Company value.

6. To help Government reduce the jobless people.

7. To increase Indonesian foreign exchange reserves.

To realize the dreams when establishing a company, surely the conformity of visions and missions from every community is needed in order for the company to achieve its goals. This also applies to Graviol.

How We Work

Our team consists of skilled professional resources that enforce themselves to learn and grow so that we can assist you to conquer every new challenge on your path to success. Every person from our staff is committed to provide you excellent services and products with the best quality. This commitment is reflected in everything that we work on.

Like local culture where our company operates, we are committed to build long term relations with our customers and employees. That commitment is reflected in our method of investment on human recourses and technologies we use. That is the reason we pursue our relations based on transparency, perseverance, mutual trust, and integrity with employees, customers, and other business partners.

Our People

We recruited the most fulfilling requirements individuals to work and serve you as our team. We search for people that are capable of conveying our philosophy that your business is our business. We have professional team and are dedicated, who work vigorously to serve our clients’ needs.

We give quality requirement in individuals that we recruited, i.e., those who have strong work ethics, capable of organizing and have effective interpersonal skills. Moreover, we search for individuals who have desire to give the best of their services for our customers.

We train our staffs not only to work adept to the development of technologies, but also to serve with never ending passion to reach our customer satisfactions.

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